• Carl Scott, Founder and Woodwright

Vote With Your Feet

Updated: Mar 31

In my days as a sociology student I remember a trope about church goers expressing their approval or disapproval of their church by the very tangible and quantifiable action of either staying or leaving. The phrase "vote with your feet" has stuck with me as particular powerful, and expands the decidedly narrow action of "voting" from a once every 2 or 4 year occurrence into a quotidian expression of real power for every single human alive.

Every action we take has impact on the world around us, and it is amazing how even tiny changes can have a big impact. One of my favorite weekly habits is goings down to the farmers market to get in season fresh fruits, vegetables, fungi and meats from local farmers. Although it seems to cost a bit more, it really doesn't when you zoom out. The food at the farmers market is just one example of goods that are sold for their "true price". Although I spend a little more I am kept healthy by the superior food which saves me money long term, and the money stays in my community. I vote weekly for a sustainable local food system, and for the environmental and financial health of my community.

As I get older I notice how easy it is to get stuck in habits, where neurons have connected so continuously in the brain over the years that they are emboldened to do so in continuum. The same can be said for society, where the macroscopic view of the collective neurons of the society form a rut of habit so entrenched that it is seemingly impossible to break out of. Like bees collecting pollen, or ants digging, the net effect of tiny change can add up. Every dollar, every action can be your vote. Let's vote for cool stuff and withdraw our votes from the billionaires.


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