Don't buy wood from terrible people, especially populist dictators.

The Brazilian rainforest is said to have more diversity of species in one acre than other parts of the world have on entire continents, yet newly elected strong-man and self proclaimed dictator Bolsanaro has bragged he will allow unprecedented razing of what is left of it. This cannot be overlooked for so many reasons, but perhaps the one that has the greatest chance of hitting home is that this rainforest is said to be responsible for an entire 20% of the oxygen on earth. I ain't trying to breath at 80% capacity. There are tangible things we as outsiders can do, and for the purposes of this blog post I will talk about one: don't buy exotic hardwoods, and encourage the woodworkers, retail

Vote With Your Feet

In my days as a sociology student I remember a trope about church goers expressing their approval or disapproval of their church by the very tangible and quantifiable action of either staying or leaving. The phrase "vote with your feet" has stuck with me as particular powerful, and expands the decidedly narrow action of "voting" from a once every 2 or 4 year occurrence into a quotidian expression of real power for every single human alive. Every action we take has impact on the world around us, and it is amazing how even tiny changes can have a big impact. One of my favorite weekly habits is goings down to the farmers market to get in season fresh fruits, vegetables, fungi and meats from l

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